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SHARP X68000 PicoPSU power adapter
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SHARP X68000 PicoPSU Power Adapter

The goal of this project is to provide a simple-to-use adapter to power your SHARP 68000 ACE computer with a PicoPSU. The idea is to simply desolder the wire harness from your old (and presumably dead) X68K PSU, connect it to the screw terminals on this board, plug in a PicoPSU, and shove that back into the original PSU case.

Provided are Gerber files so you can make the boards. I use DirtyPCBs and fabricating these as prototype boards seems to do the trick (and inexpensively).

A few notes on the BOM (build of materials) included in the project:

(1) The selected ATX power molex has 2 plastic stand-offs on the bottom. The board does not account for those. Just shave them off with a knife.

(2) The ATX power molex needs a good push to get it through the board.

(3) The board has 2 7-pin header rows for the screw terminals. The last (unlabeled) pin on 1 of the header rows does nothing so the BOM specifies 1 6-pin heaer and 1 7-pin header. You can obviously do 2 7-pin headers if you want.

(4) The BOM includes a socket for the 74HC04 inverter. This is obviously optional. I just like sockets.

This project is provided with a GNU public license. Please copy, modify, and re-distribute. If you have suggestions, please let me know!

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