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allegiance: group membership management


allegiance places things in stuff. We call the stuff bottles. Things go in bottles. Examples of bottles are teams (with members being users), one user (with members being directional friends of the one user or items the user posesses or courses the user belongs to), a course (with members being students taking the course), or a course container (with members being lessons so we can quickly check which courses a lesson belongs to).

You can:

  • create bottles
  • add things to bottles
  • remove things from bottles
  • get members of a bottle
  • get a count of members of a bottle
  • get a count of how many bottles a member belongs to
  • get a list of which same-type bottles a member belongs to
  • set arbitrary properties on a bottle
  • create invite tokens per bottle
  • only allow something to join a bottle if they have a pre-created bottle access token
  • query a user for which bottles they belong to (as long as they are of the same type)
  • set a maximum number of things the bottle can hold (e.g. a course could have a maximum of 40 students, or a user may have a maximum of 30 friends, or a team may have a maximum of 100 members at any given time)

The main source is allegiance.erl, but allegiance ships with some wrapers around allegiance.erl:

  • ateam.erl - team-based bottles
  • acourse.erl - course-based bottles for students to join
  • acohort.erl - cohort/friends-of-user based bottles
  • aalo.erl - course based bottles for lessons to join

Each wrapper has some per-bottle-type specific funtionality exposed from the main allegiance.erl module. It's a cheap way of providing a public interface to the widly varying 'private' allegiance.erl functions.


See the tests for some example usage. It's all pretty simple.


    rebar get-deps
    rebar compile


    rebar eunit skip_deps=true suite=allegiance

Next Steps

A better reporting/querying/status/realtime notification interface could be nice. Maybe.


group membership management



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