Python implementation of netstat features
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netstat Rewritten In Python

Welcome to netmatt — a simple netstat -p |grep LISTEN replacement in Python

What Are The Files?

From oldest/worst to newest/best:

    • just reformats netstat output (requires root)
    • reads network state and matching commands from /proc/[pid]/fd/* directly (requires root)
    • matches network state to commands by reading /proc/pid_inode_map created by kernel module in directory pid_inode_map
    • uses /proc/pid_inode_map if exists; otherwise falls back to iterating /proc/[pid]/fd/*
    • it's the unification of and
  • pid_inode_map
    • Linux kernel module to create proc file /proc/pid_inode_map so non-root users can get a listing of which processes own which IP:Port combinations

What's the deetz?

Full writeup is over at