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Add pull method to models for bulk ajax fetches
`.pull` is like `.fetch` with three differences:
  * it uses jquery's getJSON (bypassing the internal spine query queue)
  * it can pull one or multiple ids from a server
  * it has straightforward success/failure callback parameters

Why all this?
Firstly, I like to pull in records quickly when needed, so I think
the internal queue is unecessary for quick gets.  Think: youtube
frontend (unlimited data with selective gets) instead of a tiny
contact DB or calendar where pagination or fully loading the
dataset makes sense.

Secondly, I'd like to pull in one or multiple items at a time.  If I
set the pull id to 1,4,5,6,7 the server can parse the special id
and return multiple results from one request.  Alternatively, a
list of multiple IDs can be passed in and they will be grabbed

Thirdly, simple callbacks make me happy.  Attaching handlers to an
extra options parameter feels like using YUI in 2006.
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mattsta committed Jun 8, 2012
1 parent 9e479cc commit 6e3fde6
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Showing 4 changed files with 103 additions and 1 deletion.
59 changes: 59 additions & 0 deletions lib/ajax.js

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8 changes: 8 additions & 0 deletions lib/spine.js

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31 changes: 30 additions & 1 deletion src/
Expand Up @@ -83,8 +83,33 @@ class Collection extends Base
@all(params).success (records) =>
@model.refresh(records, options)

pull: (ids, successCallback = null, failureCallback = null) ->
ids = [ids] unless $.isArray(ids)
xhrPromises = []
xhrPromises.push(@xhrPull id) for id in ids
$.when.apply(this, xhrPromises).then(successCallback, failureCallback)

# Private

xhrPull: (id) ->
record = new @model(id: id)
d = $.Deferred (dfd) =>
jsonPromise = $.getJSON(Ajax.getURL(record))
jsonPromise.done (jsonObj) =>
newObj = null
if $.isArray jsonObj
newObj = []
@model.refresh obj for obj in jsonObj
newObj.push(@model.find for obj in jsonObj
@model.refresh jsonObj
newObj = @model.find
dfd.resolve newObj =>
dfd.reject id

recordsResponse: (data, status, xhr) =>
@model.trigger('ajaxSuccess', null, status, xhr)

Expand Down Expand Up @@ -183,6 +208,7 @@ Extend =
Model.Ajax =
extended: ->
@fetch @ajaxFetch
@pull @ajaxPull
@change @ajaxChange

@extend Extend
Expand All @@ -193,6 +219,9 @@ Model.Ajax =
ajaxFetch: ->

ajaxPull: ->

ajaxChange: (record, type, options = {}) ->
return if options.ajax is false
record.ajax()[type](options.ajax, options)
Expand All @@ -205,4 +234,4 @@ Model.Ajax.Methods =
# Globals
Ajax.defaults = Base::defaults
Spine.Ajax = Ajax
module?.exports = Ajax
module?.exports = Ajax
6 changes: 6 additions & 0 deletions src/
Expand Up @@ -196,6 +196,12 @@ class Model extends Module
@trigger('fetch', callbackOrParams)

@pull: (idOrCallback, successCallback, failureCallback) ->
if typeof idOrCallback is 'function'
@bind('pull', idOrCallback)
@trigger('pull', idOrCallback, successCallback, failureCallback)

@toJSON: ->

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