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Update readme for ipv4 vs. ipv6 writing to backend.

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1 parent 12be05a commit 2d7b9d24f2fb8053640f8ad6eee8a64e30878284 Jamie Turner committed Jun 10, 2011
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@@ -18,9 +18,9 @@ with this backend handler so that the backend can dictate throttling behavior,
maxmium connection behavior, availability of service, etc.
`stud` has one "cool trick"--it will optionally write the client IP address
-as the first four octets little endian. In this way, backends who care about
-the client IP can still access it even though `stud` itself appears to be
-the connected client.
+as the first few octets (depending on IPv4 or IPv6) to the backend. In this way,
+backends who care about the client IP can still access it even though `stud`
+itself appears to be the connected client.
Requirements and Limitations

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