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Stud *does* work on IPv6 and *does* run on OpenBSD and OSX now.

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jedisct1 committed Jun 10, 2011
1 parent 1e9057b commit 60050e3a8074a018c0a6d271834899642d28ca4a
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@@ -30,10 +30,10 @@ Requirements and Limitations
libev >= 4
openssl (recent, >=1.0.0 recommended)
-Stud does not yet support IPv6.
+Stud currently works on Linux, OpenBSD and MacOSX.
-Additionally, `stud` is currently Linux-only. While porting it to other POSIX
-platforms is likely trivial, it hasn't be done yet. Patches welcome!
+While porting it to other POSIX platforms is likely trivial, it hasn't be done
+yet. Patches welcome!
If you're handling a large number of connections, you'll
probably want to raise `ulimit -n` before running `stud`.
@@ -56,11 +56,11 @@ The entire set of arguments can be invoked with `stud -h`:
Encryption Methods:
--tls (TLSv1, default)
- --ssl (SSLv2/SSLv3)
+ --ssl (SSLv3)
- -b HOST:PORT (backend [connect], default "")
- -f HOST:PORT (frontend [bind], default "*:8443")
+ -b HOST,PORT (backend [connect], default ",8000")
+ -f HOST,PORT (frontend [bind], default "*,8443")
-n CORES (number of worker processes, default 1)

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