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weighter: user karma/point/weight management


weighter is user karma system. You can add, remove, and transfer points from one user (or any arbitrary object) to another.

weighter has a built in time decay karma setup if you want to reward earlier users with a higher base karma. A user who signs up on the first day should be rewarded with more arbitrary points than a user signing up on the 500th day.

weighter has basic checks so a user can't spend more points than they have, so they can't transfer points from theirself to theirself, and it has an entire system of inheriting points from a parent user or sponsor onto a child (or referred) account.

All user weights are stored in redis.


See the tests for basic usage examples.


    rebar get-deps
    rebar compile


    rebar eunit skip_deps=true suite=weighter

Next Steps

Maybe adding a JSON API would be nice so other non-erlang services (or non-local-redis services) can consume (or contribute) weight information.