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import write_template as write-template for site, name, fields from zog_template
import source for site, template-name, tab-name from zog_template
import source for site, template-name from zog_template
import refresh_cache as refresh-cache from zog_template
import render_markdown as render-markdown for text from zog_template
import render_ehtml as render-ehtml for text from zog_template
import sublist for src-list, start, =end from lists
POST /editor/smoochie/poop ->
form vars mhtml, html, markdown, site, name, type, js,
coffee, css, scss (convert by removing \\r)
cookie userNonce
# write some stuff
write-template for site, name using
(for vars remove site, name \
then pair names, values)
do refresh-cache
send-editor-page for site, name
GET /editor ->
form vars site default 'web, name default 'front_page as template-name
send-editor-page for site, template-name
GET /editor/tab-content/:tab-name: ->
form vars site, name as template-name
tab-contents is source for site using template-name, tab-name
send tab-contents
send-editor-page for site, name ->
fields are source for site, name
base is path from cxn
source-fields is fields with (pair 'script_root "http://\"zog\"\t\tzog/"),
(pair 'base base)
send template for site, name with source-fields
test-non-binding-matcher ->
match 'abc for 'def -> 'failure; 'jacko -> 'stillfailure end
test-binding-matcher ->
match 'abc for 'abc -> 'SUCCESS end
moar-datas ->
sublist using ['a, 'b, 'c], 1, 2
find all 'rambo with ('name 'matt)
rambo: (+ 1 2)
write 'user ('name 'matt), ('age rambo) and index by 'poo
write rambo ('name 'matt), ('age rambo) and index by rambo
jake is find all rambo with ('name 'matt), ('location 'bob)
toolbar: get 'name in jake
category: 'baby, 'boom
poopin3: ['abc, 'def, category, jake]
result is match category for 'admin, 'poop ->
inner-poo is (+ 4 5)
'poo, 'nope -> 'crap
for other, _ -> 'none
match category
'admin -> 'admin2
'poo2 -> 'poo3
redo with category
other -> redo with 'admin, 'jack
find all rambo with ('name 'matt), ('location 'bob) using 'location
find all rambo with ('name 'matt), ('location 'bob) using 'location, 'bob
# find one 'user with ('name 'matt), ('location '"de fuego")
poopie, doopie is get 'abc, 'def in rambo
get 'abc, 'def in ('abc 'poo), ('def 'roo)
update rambo set ('abc 'def), set ('name 'POOPIE), add ('friend 'ralph)
# update (find one 'user with ('size '64)) set ('abc 'def), set ('name 'POOPIE), add ('friend ralph)
category-from-toolbar for 'admin ->
bob is 'bob
category-from-toolbar for 'poo ->
category-from-toolbar for other ->
lock-try ->
lock 'poo
say good '"locked!"
say good '"unlocked!"
run_tests ->
onetime-first is unique small
onetime-second is unique big
say '"small is", onetime-first
say '"big is", onetime-second
bob is category-from-toolbar for 'admin
crap is category-from-toolbar for 'poo
none is category-from-toolbar for 'somethingelse
match bob
'bob -> whisper 'ok, 'bob
_ -> say 'fail, 'bob
match crap
'crap -> whisper 'ok, 'crap
_ -> say 'fail, 'crap
match none
'none -> whisper 'ok, 'none
_ -> say 'fail, 'none
twelve is 12
match twelve
12 -> say 'ok, '12
o -> say 'fail, '12, o
write 'user ('name onetime-first), ('age twelve) index by 'name
write 'user ('name onetime-first), ('age 42) index by 'name
write 'user ('name onetime-first), ('age 31) index by 'name
not-found-users is find all 'user with ('name 'bobcrap) using 'name
not-found-user is get 'name in not-found-users
say '"not found:", not-found-user
match not-found-user
'bobcrap -> say bad '"Reached BAD first rest"
else -> say good '"GOOD NOT FOUND", else
found-users is find all 'user with ('name onetime-first) using 'name
get 'name, 'age in found-users
async-waiting is async
match found-users
found : rest -> update found set ('name onetime-second)
redo with rest
temp-poopie is 'poo
async-results is wait for async-waiting for 300
over async-results a say '"async result of", a
match-result, temp-result is async-results
say bad '"match result (expected BAD)", match-result
say good '"poopie result", temp-result
seven is 7
found-users is find all 'user with ('name onetime-second) using 'name
updated-users is get 'name, 'age in found-users
match updated-users
[onetime-second, age] : rest -> say '"updated age is:", age
redo rest
write 'bob with ('username 'bob) index by 'username
found-bobs is find all 'bob with ('username 'bob) using 'username
found-bob is get 'username in found-bobs
match found-bob
[any] : rest -> say good '"found bob is:", any
found-nots is find all 'bob with ('username 'poo) using 'username
found-not-bob is get 'username in found-nots
match found-not-bob
[any] : rest -> say bad '"FOUND BOB:", any
_ -> say good '"NO FOUND NOT BOB"
four00 is 400
match four00
any -> redo any
zero-fib is fib using 0
match zero-fib
1 -> say good '"fib zero okay"
other -> say bad '"fib zero bad:", other
one-fib is fib using 1
match one-fib
1 -> say good '"fib one okay"
other -> say bad '"fib one bad:", other
two-fib is fib using 2
match two-fib
2 -> say good '"fib two okay"
=bad -> say bad '"fib two bad:", =bad
do lock-try
lock 'poo
say good '"locked!"
say good '"unlocked!"
inline-match is '"HELLO"
inline-match-no is '"HELLO-NO"
match inline-match
inline-match-no -> say bad '"MATCHED MATCH"
inline-match -> say good '"(GOOD) FAILED TO MATCH MATCH"
write 'poo ('username 'poo) index by 'username
tryuser = find all 'poo with ('username 'poo) using 'username
gotuser = get 'username from tryuser
match gotuser
['poo] : xs -> say good '"MATCHED MATCH2"
_ -> say bad '"FAILED TO MATCH MATCH"
dead-fib is fib using 10
POST /register ->
form vars username, password
lock ('signup username)
found-user is find all 'user with ('username username) using 'username
user-found is get 'username from found-user
goodout is '"NONE"
badout is '"ALREADY EXISTS"
say bad "Username is:", username
say good '"Found user is", user-found
match user-found
username -> send badout
_ -> send goodout
POST /login ->
form vars username, password
found-user is find all 'user with ('username username) using 'username
user-found is get 'username from found-user
pass-found is get 'pass from found-user
goodout is '"LOGIN WORKED!"
badout is '"USERNAME NOT FOUND!"
badoutbad is '"PASSWORD NO MATCH!"
badoutbadstrange is '"STRANGE PASSWORD NO MATCH!"
say bad '"pass", password
say bad "pass found is:", pass-found
match user-found
[] -> send badout
[username] : xs -> 'ok
_ -> send badoutbadstrange
match pass-found
[password] : xs -> send goodout
_ -> send badoutbad
fib for 0 -> 1
fib for 1 -> 1
fib for a ->
first is fib for (- a 1)
second is fib for (- a 2)
(+ first second)
POST /save-page ->
form vars cardName, cardType, cardContents (convert by removing \\r)
write 'card ('name cardName), ('type cardType), ('contents cardContents) index by 'name
# yeah:can store using multiple index fields (sort by key)
# ~verify what send does (add content type ability?)
# ~auto-remove \\r from all html fields
# ~allow sub-statements in [ ]
# yeah:verify 'write' returns the SHA-1 of the inserted object
# ~Allow lookup directly by SHA-1
GET /page/:page-name: ->
found-page is find all 'card with ('name page-name)
card-type, card-contents is get 'type, 'contents in found-page
render-contents for card-type using card-contents
render-contents for 'markdown, card-contents ->
contents = render-markdown using card-contents
send contents
render-contents for 'ehtml, card-contents ->
contents is render-ehtml using card-contents
send contents