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v.Forth 1.5m

build 20210215 - Matteo Vitturi, 1990-2021

Keeping these back-ported version aligned with the new Next version. Introducing example game "Chomp" in blocks 600-670. It's a PacMan style. Once AUTOEXEC completes its LOAD, give 600 LOAD, then GAME. Cursor keys (or Cursor Joystick maybe)

v.Forth 1.5m

build 20200808 - Matteo Vitturi, 1990-2020

This version is a back-porting to Microdrive and DiSCIPLE MSG from v.Forth 1.5 NEXTZXOS version.

MDR : ZX Microdrive version now uses all the eight (8) Microdrive-units chained together to offer 1778 blocks / screens (889 KBytes). I think nobody on Earth ever owned 8 Microdrive-units at the same time, so the only way to use this much storage is using an emulator.

MGT: DiSCIPLE version uses two disks as usual (#1 for Forth, #2 for Blocks) that offer 1560 blocks / screens (780 KBytes). Again, better use an emulator.

In this version 1.5 there are a few deep modifications from previous version 1.413 that make it "deprecated".

The two versions are compiled from a single source file F15m.f , with the only difference in the content of MGT variable that contains 0 for Microdrive and 1 for DISCiPLE-MGT,


v.Forth 1.413e

build 20190311 - Matteo Vitturi, 1990-2019

In spring of 1990 I had the chance to work for a couple of months on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K equipped with a Microdrive. Among the other things, I succeeded to disassemble an reassemble the machine code of a Forth for Spectrum Oasis Software's "White Lightning" (my pencil work is here

My purpose was to make effective the use of the Microdrive within the Forth environment.

The result has been satisfying, but due to the fragility of the keyboard, I had to move to emulators that supported Microdrivers.


Z80 Forth system suitable to run with Microdrive and MGT DISCiPLE.




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