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Forth on Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next


On April 27th 2020, I received my ZX Spectrum Next (Accelerated) and immediately tried to port my Forth to the Next environment. The purpose was to make Screens / BLOCKs system available using ZxNextOS APIs. Having done it in the past for ZX Microdrive and MGT Disciple floppy diskette I really thought it was worth give a try on ZxNextOs. I'm putting here the version that are stable enough to be published.

Screens are stored in a file inside the SD card called "!Blocks.txt" 16 MBytes long and it can hold 16.383 1KiB-Screens (while MGT version and Microdrive - 512 Byte Screens - can hold 1.560 and 254 x 7 = 1.778 respectively). In this latest implementation a Screen is two BLOCKs 1024 bytes each (at last) and directly read-write accessed using ZxNextOS APIs.

I implemented an ASSEMBLER vocabulary with notation, gracefully adapted for FORTH systems, as explained in Wiki pages
This ASSEMBLER provides the newest Z80N extension op-codes.

Larger 1.792K RAM is made available through MMU7 on which any 8K-page can be fitted in à-la "Expanded Memory Specification (EMS)" way. For String storage purpose, an HEAP facility grants access to 64K of space via FAR and POINTER definitions.

The Wiki in this repository is getting some shape, I suggesto to pay a visit.