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Galaxy Sample

These instructions require ruby 1.9.3 (using rvm) and java 1.6

Grab the Galaxy CLI

wget -O galaxy
chmod 755 galaxy

Provision a local environment and use it

./galaxy environment \
         provision-local \
         --repository \
         mygalaxy \

./galaxy environment use mygalaxy

Install the sample server, show it, and start it

./galaxy install sample-server-0.63-distribution.tar.gz
./galaxy show
rvm use 1.9.3 #Gotta use ruby 1.9.3, so if you just got it, that's cool
./galaxy start --all

Do some stuff to the sample server

curl -X PUT -H'Content-Type:application/json' \
     -d'{"email":"", "name":"Matt Stephenson"}' localhost:8080/v1/person/mattstep
curl localhost:8080/v1/person
curl localhost:8080/v1/person/mattstep
curl -X DELETE localhost:8080/v1/person/mattstep

Bring it all down

./galaxy stop --all
./galaxy terminate --all