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An Objective-C API diff report generator
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Generates a text, XML, or HTML report of the API differences between two versions of an Objective-C library. It assists library authors with creating a diff report for their users and verifying that no unexpected API changes have been made.


Beta. The tool has been tested against the system frameworks and a number of third-party libraries, but I'd like to open it to feedback and additional testing before considering the command line interface and XML format stable.


objc-diff [--old <path to old API>] --new <path to new API> [options]

API paths may be specified as a path to a framework, a path to a single
header, or a path to a directory of headers.

  --help             Show this help message and exit
  --title            Title of the generated report
  --text             Write a text report to standard output (the default)
  --xml              Write an XML report to standard output
  --html <directory> Write an HTML report to the specified directory
  --sdk <name>       Use the specified SDK
  --old <path>       Path to the old API
  --new <path>       Path to the new API
  --args <args>      Compiler arguments for both API versions
  --oldargs <args>   Compiler arguments for the old API version
  --newargs <args>   Compiler arguments for the new API version
  --version          Show the version and exit

See the man page for expanded usage information.

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