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Version 0.4.1 [2012-8-9]

  • [Changed] Renamed chroma-hash.js to jquery.chroma-hash.js, in order to better-communicate jQuery dependency

Version 0.4 [2012-8-9]

  • [Bugfix] Chroma-Hash function now works for password elements that do not have an id attribue
  • [Changed] Updated and modernized example page to HTML5
  • [Changed] Color transitions now use CSS3 transitions, rather than jQuery Color Animations

Version 0.3 [2009-8-12]

  • [Changed] jQuery UI Dependency Removed: Chroma-Hash now includes jQuery Color Animations (John Resig), which was the critical component from jQuery UI. (On suggestion of Stan Wiechers, Joel Moss, and others)
  • [New] Low Bit Rounding: Each color channel has its least significant digit rounded to zero (eg. 0xF4 -> 0xF0, 0x42 -> 0x4). This increases the number of collisions per color, and thereby improves the overall security of the visualization. Since the differences in colors within a particular 4-byte range are nearly imperceptible to humans, this change does not affect general aesthetics. (Thanks to Ian Young)
  • [Bugfix] CSS Positioning Errors: Positioning of color bars is now more robust across different browsers. Successfully tested on Safari 4, Firefox 3.5 and Opera 10

Version 0.2 [2009-8-4]

  • [New] Salt: Added parameter for salt to be applied for hash function
  • [New] Grayscale: Added parameter to specify minimum number of characters of input needed for colors to appear. Under that length, bars appear in grayscale
  • [Bugfix] "Color change effects pause on lost focus" (mikehamer)
  • [Changed] Tag-line is now "A sexy, secure visualization of password field input"

Version 0.1

Initial release

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