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This library is no longer being maintained. You can continue to use SkyLab in your projects, but we recommend switching another solution whenever you have the opportunity.


Multivariate & A/B Testing for iOS and Mac

SkyLab is a backend-agnostic framework for multivariate and A/B testing.

Test conditions are persisted across sessions and launches using NSUserDefaults, ensuring that every user will have a consistent experience, no matter which testing bucket they end up in.

SkyLab integrates easily into any existing statistics web service. Depending on your particular needs, this may include posting to an endpoint in test blocks, or perhaps setting an HTTP header for a shared API client.

Requests for integration with any particular backend are heartily encouraged.

This project is part of a series of open source libraries covering the mission-critical aspects of an iOS app's infrastructure. Be sure to check out its sister projects: GroundControl, CargoBay, houston, and Orbiter.


Check out the included example project to see everything in action.

Simple A/B Test

[SkyLab abTestWithName:@"Title" A:^{
    self.titleLabel.text = NSLocalizedString(@"Hello, World!", nil);
} B:^{
    self.titleLabel.text = NSLocalizedString(@"Greetings, Planet!", nil);

Split Test with Weighted Probabilities

You can pass either an NSDictionary (with values representing the weighted probability of their corresponding key) or an NSArray (with each value having an equal chance of being chosen) into the choices parameter.

[SkyLab splitTestWithName:@"Subtitle" conditions:@{
    @"Red" : @(0.15),
    @"Green" : @(0.10),
    @"Blue" : @(0.50),
    @"Purple" : @(0.25)
} block:^(id choice) {
    self.subtitleLabel.text = NSLocalizedString(@"Please Enjoy This Colorful Message", nil);

    if ([choice isEqualToString:@"Red"]) {
        self.subtitleLabel.textColor = [UIColor redColor];
    } else if ([choice isEqualToString:@"Green"]) {
        self.subtitleLabel.textColor = [UIColor greenColor];
    } else if ([choice isEqualToString:@"Blue"]) {
        self.subtitleLabel.textColor = [UIColor blueColor];
    } else if ([choice isEqualToString:@"Purple"]) {
        self.subtitleLabel.textColor = [UIColor purpleColor];

Multivariate Test

[SkyLab multivariateTestWithName:@"Switches" variables:@{
    @"Left" : @(0.5),
    @"Center" : @(0.5),
    @"Right" : @(0.5)
 } block:^(NSSet *activeVariables) {
     self.leftSwitch.on = [activeVariables containsObject:@"Left"];
     self.centerSwitch.on = [activeVariables containsObject:@"Center"];
     self.rightSwitch.on = [activeVariables containsObject:@"Right"];


SkyLab is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


Multivariate & A/B Testing for iOS and Mac







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