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about @[ @"A", @"B" ] #2

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Thank first. I am already using SkyLab and GroundControl.

It makes life easy to init a array or dictionary using @[] or @{}. But it will be a problem for those whose XCode is still under 4.2. I encountered this problem.

In the code you init a array using this:

@[ @"A", @"B" ]

would you please change it to [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"A", @"B", nil]?

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@mattt [Issue #2] Avoiding array literal in implementation to improve compat…
…ibility with older versions of Xcode

You know, you have a good point here. While object literals make this a heckuva better-looking in the README, there's no really good reason for me to force object literals in the private implementation, if it's going to cause so much hassle for so little benefit. I've changed this in 487ae74.

While the example project won't work on older versions of Xcode, you'll be able to use SkyLab just fine on its own. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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