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(Incomplete) readme for Mac Eve Tools
This project is licenced under the GNU GPL v3.
Requires Snow Leopard and Xcode 3.2
It can be made to work on Leopard 10.5 with a little effort.
Mac Eve Tools can use Sparkle to manage updates and can be found here:
Quasi design document:
The Private/MainController.m file is where the execution starts.
first in init, then awakeFromNib will be called, then appIsActive.
After that the program is up and running and ready for use.
Core functionality, the user interface calls these classes to do stuff.
Heavy lifting such as calculating skill plans, managing character updates,
database access and skill tree and stuff is all in here.
User interface elements
The character object and related support classes.
Core/SQLite Database
SQLite database implementation used for storing skill plans
Skill tree and Skill plan related data.
The user interface is implemented in here, it will use the Core classes
to perform its operations.
Pop up windows that display info about a skill, ship, certificate etc.
Top level stuff that handles app startup / shutdown and manages the main
In the dbscripts subdirectory there is a series of scripts that's used to
build the database that MET uses. It's a modified and heavily cut down
version of the CCP database export, and is built by connecting to
a MySQL server that hosts the CCP DB export and fetching and processing
the required data. See the dbscripts/README file for more info.