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The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications.
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Active Admin

Active Admin is a framework for creating administration style interfaces. It abstracts common business application patterns to make it simple for developers to implement beautiful and elegant interfaces with very little effort.

Documentation & Support

Bugs & Feature Requests


  1. Allow developers to quickly create gorgeous administration interfaces <strong>(Not Just CRUD)</strong>

  2. Build a DSL for developers and an interface for businesses.

  3. Ensure that developers can easily customize every nook and cranny of the interface.

  4. Build common interfaces as shareable gems so that the entire community benefits.

Getting Started

Active Admin is released as a Ruby Gem. The gem is to be installed within a Ruby on Rails 3 application. To install, simply add the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'activeadmin'

After updating your bundle, run the installer

$> rails generate active_admin:install

The installer creates an initializer used for configuring defaults used by Active Admin as well as a new folder at app/admin to put all your admin configurations.

Migrate your db and start the server:

$> rake db:migrate
$> rails server

Visit localhost:3000/admin and log in using:

  • User:

  • Password: password

Voila! You're on your brand new Active Admin dashboard.

To register your first model, run:

$> rails generate active_admin:resource [MyModelName]

This creates a file at app/admin/my_model_names.rb for configuring the resource. Refresh your web browser to see the interface.


When upgrading to a new version of ActiveAdmin you may need to run

$> rails generate active_admin:assets

Next Steps

The best place to get documentation is at

To view a sample Active Admin application, checkout

If you have any questions, please email the mailing list at

Tools Being Used

We believe strongly in not writing code unless we have to, so Active Admin is built using many other open source projects:


Inherited Resources speeds up development by making your controllers inherit all restful actions so you just have to focus on what is important.


A DSL for semantically building amazing forms.


User authentication is done using Devise


Pagination for rails apps

Iconic Icons

Excellent SVG icon set designed by P.J. Onori:


Copyright © 2011 Greg Bell, VersaPay Corporation. See LICENSE for details.

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