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Commits on Feb 25, 2012
  1. @gregbell
  2. @gregbell
  3. @gregbell

    Completely refactored the menu system to work with i18n

    gregbell authored
    Menu's are now generated on demand using the MenuBuilder instead of
    being created as the resources are registered. MenuItem can now store
    labels as procs, which allows us to properly i18n all the menu labels
    at runtime.
    ActiveAdmin::Resource's are now in charge of building their own MenuItem
    The controller now stores the instance of the currently selected tab in
    @current_tag instead of just a string label.
  4. @ahx @gregbell

    Revert "Add two pending tests to unit/resource/naming_spec"

    ahx authored gregbell committed
    This reverts commit 2907c0f.
  5. @ahx @gregbell

    Fix translation template

    ahx authored gregbell committed
  6. @ahx @gregbell

    Remove resource_key, use resource_name

    ahx authored gregbell committed
  7. @ahx @gregbell

    Add two pending tests to unit/resource/naming_spec

    ahx authored gregbell committed
  8. @ahx @gregbell

    Refactor Resource::Naming and use translations only in the html (fixes

    ahx authored gregbell committed
    * Resource#resource_name now returns a ActiveModel::Name
    * Add Resource#resource_label and #plural_resource_label to return a (human readable) label
    * ActiveAdmin.register Post, :as => "Super Post" would change #resource_label to to "Super Post" and #resource_name to "SuperPost"
    * The routes are longer translated
    * Use resource_label instead of resource_name in the html
    * Add feature
  9. Merge pull request #1069 from fenelon/patch-1

    Update lib/active_admin/locales/ru.yml
  10. Merge pull request #1067 from carnesmedia/print_styles

    Print stylesheet
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
  1. @fenelon
  2. @nathancarnes
  3. @nathancarnes

    Hiding .table_tools in print output; removing bottom borders from fie…

    nathancarnes authored
    …ldset and .panel :last-child(ren)
  4. @nathancarnes
  5. @pcreux

    Merge pull request #1063 from jancel/34_maintain_backwards_compatibility

    pcreux authored
    Fix string vs integer comparison on postgres.
  6. @nathancarnes @amiel

    Styling show pages; forms; more index styling

    nathancarnes authored amiel committed
  7. @nathancarnes @amiel

    Including print stylesheet; setting base print styles

    nathancarnes authored amiel committed
Commits on Feb 23, 2012
  1. @jancel
Commits on Feb 22, 2012
  1. @jancel
  2. @jancel
  3. @gregbell

    Merge pull request #1038 from gregbell/patch-1019

    gregbell authored
    Do not singularize model class name when generating resource
Commits on Feb 21, 2012
  1. @gregbell

    Merge pull request #1056 from marcusmateus/helpers_on_precompile

    gregbell authored
    Fix for #474: Loads AA SASS helpers in railtie to enable precompile w/o initialization
  2. @gregbell
  3. @gregbell
  4. @gregbell

    Get the view factory from the namespace.

    gregbell authored
    Within the config, each namespace can initialize its own view factory
    which makes it trivial to have different views depending on the current
    namespace. Documentation coming soon :)
  5. @gregbell
  6. @gregbell
  7. @gregbell
  8. @gregbell
  9. @gregbell
  10. @pcreux

    Merge pull request #1058 from scrooloose/fix_substitution

    pcreux authored
    fix a bug in AA::Inputs::FilterSelectInput#method
  11. @scrooloose

    fix a bug in AA::Inputs::FilterSelectInput#method

    scrooloose authored
    This method takes something like "author_id" and returns "author". It
    was failing for the edge case "external_identity_id" because of the
    extra "_id" in the middle of the string - i.e. it was returning
    Change the way the substitution is done so that it only matches at the
    end of the string.
  12. @pcreux
  13. @marcusmateus

    Loads AA SASS helpers in railtie to enable precompile w/o initialization

    marcusmateus authored
     * Also removed loading in application.rb since already loaded
  14. @gregbell

    Bumped version to 0.4.2

    gregbell authored
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