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ObjectiveResource is a port of Rails’ ActiveResource framework to Objective-C.

The primary purpose of this project is to quickly and easily connect
iPhone applications with servers running Rails.

This project relies on ObjectiveSupport, which aims to provide some popular
Rubyisms to Objective-C. If you checkout this project using git, you can
pull down ObjectiveSupport by doing a “git submodule init” followed by
a “git submodule update”.

Getting Started

Sample Code

This project comes bundled with a sample iPhone application and a sample
Rails application. To see how everything works together you can open
up the .xcodeproj and fire up a rails server in sample_rails_app.

Integrating with your project

  1. Download (clone) the objectiveresource project
    1. If you do a git clone, you will need to follow it up with “git submodule init” and “git submodule update”
  2. open the .xcodeproj in XCode for both objectiveresource and your iPhone project
  3. drag the ObjectiveResource and ObjectSupport groups from the objectiveresource project onto your iPhone project, making
    sure to check the “copy files” box.


Running Tests

Unit testing makes use of the SenTest work-alike from Google Toolbox for Mac.

To run the tests, select the “Unit Tests” target in XCode and Build and Run.

You will need to have Rails installed along with the populator and faker
gems, as the project uses a “Run Script” to setup a local Rails
server for testing.