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HTML5 Boilerplate (WordPress remix)

The HTML5 Boilerplate attempts to be an ideal starting point for web designers and developers, combining the Internets collected knowledge into one easy to use package. This theme attempts to be the ideal starting point for WordPress users who are interested in rapid development with up-to-date technologies.


In your wordpress themes directory, execute the follow command:

git clone git://

The build script

When you are ready to release your site to production, run the build script:


For the technical details, read the technicical specification.

For project updates, read the blog


  • Faithful to the HTML5 specifaction.
  • Usable, out of the box.
  • Quickly disable these built-in styles from the options page and make your own.
  • Skeleton CSS document ready for you to customize.
  • Clean, self-documenting code. (In PHP, no less!)
  • Universal device and browser support.
  • ARIA roles included for accessibility.
  • WordPress widgets
  • WordPress administration menus
  • Open Graph
  • Gravatar

What else is there?

jQuery, Google Analytics, Google Web Fonts, Modernizr, QUnit, Chrome Frame, Yahoo Media Player, etc.

Configuration options

Configurable options for this theme are under the Settings tab in the Wordpress Administration area.

  • Disable default style If you want to start from scratch.
  • Font style Options from Nathan Ford's Revised Font Stacks
  • Google Web Font for header text and Google Web Font for paragraph text
  • Google Analytics tracker ID Automatic Google Analytics integration.
  • Yahoo Media Player for streaming posted media.
  • Facebook profile ID for Open Graph integration.

Providing any of these will create a link on your blog's sidebar:

  • Twitter user name
  • Facebook user name
  • Google user name

Theme anatomy

  • /css/style.css The base HTML5 Boilerplate CSS file. Includes CSS reset, mobile fixes, print display, etc...
  • /css/wordpress.css All elements added to theme Wordpress are included in this file.
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