Logical programming for Python
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##What is this?

Spock is a python library for logic. This is not intended to be a complete implementation and at this point it is certainly not written to be very fast. It's mainly an experiment and might be useful to someone as a reference.

The backend codes for first order logic are mostly stolen from Russel & Norvig's "AI: A Modern Approach", and even the approach there is only intended to be illustrative rather than industrial strength. That code illustrates logic pretty well, but illustrates logic in python pretty poorly. Spock includes some improvements that make it more pythonic. I've also fixed what bugs I found, and implemented stuff that the margins were originally too narrow to contain (e.g. WalkSAT).

The constraint solving code is also AI:MA code that has been rearranged and updated. I added utility classes for quickly drawing up and solving constraint problems, so it's easier to work with.

##Spock Features::

  • First Order Logic [via AI:MA]
  • Agent logic (obligations, decisions) [following Shoham '94]
  • Temporal logic (very crude, very in*progress)
  • Constraint solving


  • Paraconsistent Logic [maybe following LFI1: A 3-valued Logic for Formal Inconsistency]

##Examples TODO maybe adapt from http://staff.washington.edu/jon/flip/www/witch.html ?


You'll need virtualenv and pip already installed, then run::

  $ git clone http://github.com/mattvonrocketstein/spock.git
  $ cd spock
  $ virtualenv spock_test
  $ source spock_test/bin/activate
  $ python setup.py develop

##Running tests

Type this::

  $ cd spock
  $ virtualenv spock_test
  $ source spock_test/bin/activate
  $ pip install pytest
  $ pytest -v -t lib/spock/tests

##Related Reading and Software