A/B Testing in Angular with Optmizely
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A simple directive to allow A/B testing with optimizely in angular applications.


  1. bower install angular-optimizely
  2. Include the ngshowvariant.js script provided by this component into your app.
  3. Add ngshowvariant as a module dependency to your app.
  4. Insert the ng-show-variant directive into your template where you wish to conditionally show items.
    <div ng-show-variant="alphabet">variant alphabet is running</div>
    <div ng-show-variant="cactus">variant cactus is running</div>
    <div ng-show-variant="cactus,alphabet">variant cactus or alphabet is running</div>
    <div ng-show-variant="none">No variant is enabled</div>
    <div ng-show-variant="cactus,none">either variant cactus or no variant is enabled</div>

In optimizely, add custom javascript where you wish to change the variant:

//set which variant you would like
window.variant= "optmizely1";

//tell angular the variant has changed.
var scope = angular.element(document.getElementById('main')).injector().get('$rootScope');

scope.$apply( function() {