A collection of stuff for my Data Journalism class at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
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JOUR307 Data Journalism

Course description:

Every day, more of our lives is being stored in a database somewhere. With that explosion of data, journalists now more than ever need the skills to analyze and understand data to then produce the stories hidden in the information. In this class, we’ll use brainpower and software to look at raw data -- not summarized and already reported information -- to do investigative reporting. We’re going to get our hands dirty with code, data, basic stats and the thinking that goes with it. And we're going to do journalism. So buckle up and hold on.


JOUR202. JOUR302/304 or 370 is strongly encouraged.

Course goals:

  • Understand the basics of data and data journalism, including the history of the practice
  • Master the use of data in journalistic storytelling
  • Master basic data analysis for storytelling
  • Use public records laws and understand your rights as a citizen and a journalist
  • Master the use of analysis libraries and the tools of transparency for data journalism.

Required Materials:

  • A functioning laptop computer that you must bring with you to class every time and ~800 MB of free hard drive space.
  • The administrative privileges to install software on your computer.
  • The Data Journalism Handbook Free!
  • A copy of Numbers in the Newsroom. $10.
  • A copy of Data Literacy: A Users's Guide by David Herzog. Available in the bookstore.
  • Online materials and class handouts, as needed.
  • A sense of humor.

Instructors: email me at matt dot waite at unl dot edu for answers to the assignments.