Journalists need to be better at math and data. A good place to start? Beginning reporting class in journalism school, usually taught to 18 and 19 year olds who have avoided math their whole lives.
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#Math for Beginning Reporters#

This module is designed to solve a particular problem: How do you get basic data journalism into a beginning reporting class that many feel is packed as it is? My answer is to combine the basic math for reporters with instructions on how to apply those concepts in a spreadsheet using real data, all aimed at generating real story ideas. This document will show:

  • Basic math concepts and how to calculate them by hand.
  • How to apply those basic math concepts to a spreadsheet of data.
  • How to turn basic math + a spreadsheet of data into a story idea.

Contained in this repository are the datasets used to illustrate the concepts. They are kept here in .csv format, so you can use Excel, OpenOffice or Google Spreadsheets to do the same analysis. The spreadsheet formulas and concepts will work on any of those three software platforms.

It is a work in progress. Parts of this have been tested in a classroom setting, but this document has not.