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Liri comes with 4 built in commands:

1) 'my-tweets'

node liri.js my-tweets will return the 20 most recent tweets made by myself.

2) 'spotify-this-song'

node liri.js spotify-this-song [song title] will return:

  • Artist(s)
  • The song's name
  • A preview link of the song from Spotify
  • The album that the song is from

3) 'movie-this'

node liri.js movie-this [movie title] will return:

  • Movie title
  • Release year
  • Average rating
  • Original language
  • Plot

Please be aware that I am using the moviedb npm package in place of OMBD as that service is currently down, the data returned may differ slightly

4) 'do-what-it-says'

node liri.js do-what-it-says will return whatever command is placed in random.txt. Go Wild.

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