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Commits on Nov 27, 2012
  1. @jfoy @drbrain

    Add test case demonstrating update_index failure

    jfoy authored drbrain committed
    Extend test_gem_indexer to better reflect system state in update_index.
  2. @jfoy @drbrain

    Fix incremental index updates

    jfoy authored drbrain committed
    Initialize Gem::Specification in the same way when incrementally
    updating indexes as in a full reindex.
    Fixes rubygems#232
  3. @evanphx

    Merge pull request #377 from kou/default-gem

    evanphx authored
    Support normal gem require without explicit 'gem "name"' for default gem
  4. @drbrain

    Use http_proxy to avoid warnings.

    drbrain authored
    Stop restoring already empty http proxy ENV variables
    Finished #199
  5. @drbrain

    honor no_proxy env variable

    Vounow authored drbrain committed
  6. @drbrain

    Removed cruise control configuration

    drbrain authored
    Superceded by travis-ci
  7. @drbrain

    Merge pull request #397 from pjg/fix_permissions

    drbrain authored
    Fixed unnecessary execute permissions
  8. @drbrain

    Merge pull request #398 from rohit/fix_help_url

    drbrain authored
    - Fixed defunct rubyforge urls in gem command line help
  9. @drbrain
  10. @drbrain

    Ask travis to show me the installed rake version

    drbrain authored
    Rake 0.9+ is not being installed.  This is making me upset.
  11. @drbrain
  12. @drbrain
Commits on Nov 26, 2012
  1. @rohit
Commits on Nov 25, 2012
  1. @pjg

    Fix unnecessary execute permission

    pjg authored
Commits on Nov 14, 2012
  1. @kou
  2. @kou
  3. @kou

    Add missing 'end's

    kou authored
    It is merging miss...
  4. @kou

    Reject uninstalling a default gem

    kou authored
    Note: Gem::Specification#default_gem? is suitable name? Should it be
  5. @kou

    Use GEM_HOME independent search path for default gems

    kou authored
    Default gems should be placed at
    #{Gem.default_dir}/specifications/default/*.gemspec instead of
    If a user set both of ENV["GEM_HOME"] and GEM["GEM_PATH"], default
    gems couldn't be detected.
    Reported by Eric Hodel. Thanks!!!
  6. @kou

    Use private instead of _XXX

    kou authored
    This change does it against only Specification._each_spec,
    _each_normal and _each_default. We should change other methods such as
    _all and _resort! but it is not a work for this branch.
    Suggested by Evan Phoenix. Thanks!!!
  7. @kou

    Remove needless File.join

    kou authored
    Suggested by Evan Phoenix. Thanks!!!
  8. @kou

    Support loading the default gems automatically

    kou authored
    The default gems should be placed at
    Is it right place? Should we use 'defaults' instead of 'default'?
  9. @kou

    Add missing "lib/"

    kou authored
  10. @kou

    Don't create new class Gem::CustomRequire

    kou authored
    Suggested by Evan Phoenix.
    I'll re-propose this change later. I don't work on it with default gem
  11. @kou

    Fix a typo

    kou authored
    unresoleved ->
    Pointed out by @drbrain. Thanks!!!
  12. @kou

    Support normal gem require without explicit 'gem "name"' for default gem

    kou authored
    Let "test-unit" is a default gem.
        require "test/unit" # -> test/unit.rb of the standard library is loaded
        gem "test-unit"
        require "test/unit" # -> test/unit.rb test-unit gem is loaded
        require "test/unit" # -> test/unit.rb of test-unit gem is loaded
    Default gem related works are not completed. There are following
    not implemented features:
      * Register the default gems
      * Support "gem contents" for RDoc
      * Block "gem uninstall default-gem"
    This change shows what I want to do for implementing default gem. If
    you accept this change, I will do the next works.
    Note that I want to move Kerenel#require codes in
    lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb to Gem::CustomRequire#run in the
Commits on Nov 12, 2012
  1. @evanphx

    Merge pull request #394 from grosser/silence

    evanphx authored
  2. @evanphx

    Update Manifest

    evanphx authored
  3. @evanphx

    Minor exception cleanup

    evanphx authored evanphx committed
  4. @evanphx

    Add "install -N" as short version of "--no-document"

    evanphx authored evanphx committed
  5. @evanphx

    Merge pull request #395 from grosser/core_ext

    evanphx authored
    extract core_ext folder for better visibility
Commits on Nov 11, 2012
  1. @grosser
  2. @grosser


    grosser authored
  3. @kou

    Don't modify $LOAD_PATH. Sorry...

    kou authored
    It is read-only variable.
    This fixes "$LOAD_PATH is a read-only variable (NameError)" error
    introduced by a1fa91f.
  4. @kou
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