Crack Windows logins remotely through SMB/CIFS
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Crack windows accounts remotely through SMB/CIFS and your provided credentials and password lists.


Success Statuses

  • local: can be accessed locally
  • smb successfully accessed through smb
  • yes sign-in works no smb or local
  • restricted-access sign-in works but no remote file access


The tables below show which versions of Windows can and cannot be cracked with this tool and whether or not they have been tested.

In order to crack successfully, you should be able to successfully ping the machine. When starting the cracker, it will also check if SMB ports are open (137,138,139,445). A warning-overlay will show asking to continue or cancel the operation.

  • E stands for "expected to work" when not tested.
  • N stands for "not expected to work" when not tested.
Windows Tested Works Version Default CIFS Enabled
Server 2016 E SMB3.0
Windows 10 SMB3.0
Server 2012 SMB3.0
Windows 8.1 E SMB3.0
Windows 8 E SMB3.0
Windows 7 SMB2.1
Server 2008 E SMB2.1
Windows Vista SMB2.0
Server 2003 SMB1.0
Windows XP ✓** SMB1.0
Windows ME N SMB1.0 ✕*
Windows 2000 N SMB1.0 ✕*
Server 2000 N SMB1.0 ✕*
Windows 98 N SMB1.0 ✕*
  • *CIFS Server must be manually enabled in order to connect.
  • **Windows XP default only accepts "guest" and any password.