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Postgres start/stop aliases

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1 parent bdeda04 commit c636cdd380aa02bcc6f6f1cd846a36a3bb6e6cc7 Matt Johnson and Niko Felger committed Apr 19, 2010
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@@ -48,5 +48,9 @@ alias gxc='gitx -c'
alias mstart='/usr/local/Cellar/mysql/5.1.45/share/mysql/mysql.server start'
alias mstop='/usr/local/Cellar/mysql/5.1.45/share/mysql/mysql.server stop'
-alias ms='mongod run --config /usr/local/Cellar/mongodb/1.2.0-x86_64/mongod.conf'
+# postgres
+alias pstart='pg_ctl -D /usr/local/var/postgres -l /usr/local/var/postgres/server.log start'
+alias pstop='pg_ctl -D /usr/local/var/postgres stop -s -m fast'
+alias ms='mongod run --config /usr/local/Cellar/mongodb/1.2.4-x86_64/mongod.conf'

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