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A refactoring tool for Ruby
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A refactoring tool for Ruby

It is:

  • free
  • editor agnostic
  • Ruby 1.9+ only
  • aware of callsite data (from observing test runs)
  • not much more than an idea right now. Build Status

We'd love your help.

Come and talk to us on the Google group:!forum/raffle-rb or the IRC channel: irc://


We work on pull requests. If you have an idea for something you'd like to contribute, here's how to do it:

  1. Create a local branch, and commit a failing spec that describes what you want to implement.
  2. Push the branch, go on Github and create a pull request from the head of the branch.
  3. Start the conversation: ping the mailing list and get some people to pair with you on designing the code. Iterate in the pull request, adding more specs, making them pass and refactoring until everyone is happy.
  4. Remember to regularly rebase your branch from master in case there are upstream changes to pull in.
  5. Get someone else to merge your pull request, that way you know your code makes sense to at least one other person.
  6. Go and have a nice cup of tea to celebrate.
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