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Tournament engine for allowing little AI robots to do battle
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Robot Tournament

Robot Tournament is easist to install and run with Ruby Version Manager (RVM).. Please Install RVM if you don't already have it. See

Create and use the 'robot_tournament' gemset

rvm --create gemset use robot_tournament

Install Bundler

gem install bundler

Install the bundle

bundle install

Robots are built by programmers and have to conform to a simple protocol:

  • uploaded as zip file
  • zip file contains a single folder in the root from which the robot will take it's name
  • the folder contains an executable file, 'move' which will be called by the tournament engine when the robot needs to make a move

See the features for examples, or the folder 'examples'

Use the following command to create and start a tournament:

./bin/create_tournament --name "battle royale" --rounds 5 --duration 10 --game rock_paper_scissors

You will also need to run

./bin/kick --repeat

Start the server like this to view the output


You might also want:


Turn up your speakers :)

The idea is to practice and encourage the XP principle of 'release early, release often' by rewarding early competitors with points.

People Who've Run This Session

If you run a session, please send a pull request with a link to a write-up.

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