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Simple command to give you password-less SSH login on remote servers:

ssh-forever [options]

see `ssh-forever --help` for details on the options availlable.


gem install ssh-forever


[matt@bowie ssh-forever (master)]$ ssh-forever -n dreamhost
You do not appear to have a public key. I expected to find one at /Users/matt/.ssh/
Would you like me to generate one? [Y/n]y
Copying your public key to the remote server. Prepare to enter your password for the last time.'s password:
Success. From now on you can just use plain old 'ssh'. Logging you in...
Linux broncos 2.6.29-xeon-aufs2.29-ipv6-qos-grsec #1 SMP Thu Jul 9 16:42:58 PDT 2009 x86_64
 | |__ _ _ ___ _ _  __ ___ ___
 | '_ \ '_/ _ \ ' \/ _/ _ (_-<
 |_.__/_| \___/_||_\__\___/__/

 Welcome to

Any malicious and/or unauthorized activity is strictly forbidden.
All activity may be logged by DreamHost Web Hosting.

Last login: Sat Aug 15 17:24:17 2009
[broncos]$ exit
[matt@bowie ssh-forever (master)]$ ssh dreamhost


Because I can never remember how to do it by hand. Now I don't have to, and nor do you.

## What about ssh-copy-id?

I'll admit that I wasn't aware of the ssh-copy-id unix command when I wrote this tool. The main advantage that ssh-forever has over ssh-copy-id is that it will automatically generate a public key for you if you don't already have one, making it a bit more user-friendly if you're not familiar with the SSH key system.

You should probably try ssh-copy-id first. Many linux distros come with it built in. OSX users can install it with brew install ssh-copy-id


Copyright (c) 2009 Matt Wynne. See LICENSE for details.


This is open source. If you're worried, read the code before you run it. Don't come crying to me if it breaks something for you.