SNMP passthrough script for Icecast2 information.
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SNMP passthrough for Icecast2

This is a simple script to pass basic Icecast information via SNMP. The script will expose the number of listeners and the number of sources.


  • Icecast 2 server
  • Python 3 with Requests library


  • Set up the snmpd daemon
  • Install Python3 if not already installed. Ensure the requests library is installed (usually by default)
  • Copy the, and to a folder, for example /usr/local/bin/. Edit the sh scripts to point to the correct folder that is located!
  • Edit the snmpd passthrough configuration, look at snmpd.conf.example as an example.


Once the sensor is working correctly natively, and the setup of the snmpd is completed, you can run a SNMP client to check values are coming through. Check all SNMP values

$ snmpget -v 1 -c public .