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$myResume = new matula\Resume();
// My Contact Information
$myResume->myName = "Terry Matula";
$myResume->myEmail = "";
$myResume->myPhone = "832-541-7215";
// Places I've worked
$workExperience = [];
$workExperience[0]['company'] = '';
$workExperience[0]['title'] = 'Senior Software Developer';
$workExperience[0]['dates'] = 'Sep 2013 - present';
$workExperience[0]['description'] = 'Developed and maintained and, including a RESTful API for the mobile apps.';
$workExperience[1]['company'] = "White Lion Interactive";
$workExperience[1]['title'] = "Web Developer";
$workExperience[1]['dates'] = "Apr 2012 - Sep 2013";
$workExperience[1]['description'] = "Back-end and some front-end development for numerous clients. Use the Kohana framework,
with javascript, HTML5, and CSS3 on the front-end.";
$workExperience[2]['company'] = "PetRelocation";
$workExperience[2]['title'] = "Web Developer";
$workExperience[2]['dates'] = "Dec 2009 - Feb 2012";
$workExperience[2]['description'] = "Created and maintained lead gathering form, in Drupal and then a custom
solution using the Codeigniter PHP framework. Built landing pages using Wordpress, and a custom landing
page maker. Updated the company homepage, resulting in 50% more incoming leads.";
$workExperience[3]['company'] = "Clear Channel Radio";
$workExperience[3]['title'] = "Online Training Developer";
$workExperience[3]['dates'] = "Feb 2004 - April 2009";
$workExperience[3]['description'] = "Created online training modules that were taken by sales people and
on-air personalities nationwide, including a quiz/grading engine. Designed and developed an
applicant tracking system.";
// My Skills
$mySkills = [
'Codeigniter Framework',
$myResume->addInfo($mySkills, 'mySkills');
$myResume->addInfo('API access and oAuth', 'mySkills');
// Links for my places online
$myResume->addInfo("<strong>My Portfolio</strong> <a href=''></a>", 'moreInfo');
$myResume->addInfo("<a href=''>Github</a>", 'moreInfo');
$myResume->addInfo("<a href=''>LinkedIn</a>", 'moreInfo');
$myResume->addInfo("<a href=''>StackOverflow</a>", 'moreInfo');
$myResume->addInfo("<a href=''>Twitter</a>", 'moreInfo');
// Links for my certifications
$myResume->addInfo("<strong>My Certifications</strong> CIW Web Foundations Associate, CIW Web Design Specialist, CIW JavaScript Specialist, A+ Certification", 'moreInfo');
echo $myResume;