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CharIoT – End-user programming interface for GIoTTO

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CharIoT provides an end-user programming interface for the GIoTTO stack. It connects to the BuildingDepot middleware to discover and communicate with sensors and actuators.

CharIoT enables creating virtual sensors which can capture higher-level events (e.g., window opened, meeting ongoing) based on raw data. It provides two ways to create virtual sensors: by programming their conditions or demonstrating them using programming by demonstration.

Rules are created in an IFTTT-inspired interface. They may contain multiple conditions and actions.


  1. Install NodeJS:
  2. Clone/download this folder and cd into it
  3. Run npm install
  4. Optional: in order to enable the explore tab, install the Eye reasoner


To start the application, execute: npm start

Access the app through your browser on the address: http://localhost:3333/

The app assumes that devices have locations associated with them (e.g., living room, lab). To add a location for a device:

  • Click on a device node in the graph
  • Type in the location name and click on Add
  • Do this for all the devices

Creating a rule requires a virtual sensor - there are two types of virtual sensors:

  • Programmed
    • added by clicking the "Program an event" button. Contain conditions on a specific sensor value, e.g., temperature
  • Virtual
    • demonstrated using PbD. Click on "Demonstrate an event" to add it.

To create a rule, go to the "Build" section and follow the IFTTT-like interface.


Overview of installation

Training virtual sensors

IFTTT rules

Rule recommendations


  • Deleting rules and virtual sensors is not supported since the API for deleting sensors is missing in BuildingDepot.


CharIoT – End-user programming interface for GIoTTO






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