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Note: Due to other commitments, I'm having a hard time responding to issues (& actually getting them fixed for you guys). I'd be more than happy to accept PR's.


Highly extensible, modern, JavaScript player. 👊

Travis CI jsdelivr

  • Strict defined API, which makes it easy to build analytics and various other plugins on top of indigo-player.
  • Dynamic bundle loading, automatically determines and loads which modules are needed for playback.
  • Highly modular plugin system to extend functionality without modifying it's core.
  • Out-of-the-box features such as subtitles, thumbnails, quality selection if applicable, ...
  • React based UI.


Visit the documentation. 😎

Getting started

In a browser

The example below will load a simple MP4 file, and attempt to autoplay it.

    <div id="playerContainer"></div>
    <script src=""></script>
      const config = {
        sources: [
            type: 'mp4',
            src: '',

      const element = document.getElementById('playerContainer');
      const player = IndigoPlayer.init(element, config);

      // You can use the player object now to access the player and it's methods (play, pause, ...)

As a module in your bundle

The example below will add indigo-player as a module in your project.

yarn add indigo-player
npm i indigo-player
import IndigoPlayer from "indigo-player";
// Bundle the css file too, or provide your own.
import "indigo-player/lib/indigo-theme.css";

const player = IndigoPlayer.init(container, config);


Much ❤️ on getting the word out!

Cheers 🍺