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gir2rst provides a package and command-line tool to create Sphinx documentation from GObject-Introspection files.


Fetch the latest version from Github

git clone git://

and install with:

python install

You can also get the latest release from the Python Package Index

pip install gir2rst


The command line tool gir2rst will parse the provided .gir files and output the resulting Sphinx documentation on stdout:

usage: gir2rst [-h] [--version] [-t TITLE] [-o FILE] [input [input ...]]

Generate Sphinx documentation from GObject Introspection GIR files.

positional arguments:
  input       .gir input files

  optional arguments:
    -h, --help  show this help message and exit
    -t TITLE    override the title [available variables: #version (escape with
    -o FILE     write to FILE or stdout if omitted
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