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A simple JSF2 example that uses JPA to access Apache HBase
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Simple example to use the Apache HBase "BigTable implementation" with JPA.
The JPA access is provided by the same plugin (DataNucleus) that enables
the Google App Engine to use JPA for its Datastore.

How to run this SIMPLE example?

Go to HBase ( and download its version 0.20.3 (see later on why this version)
Use the simple "standalone" installation.

Details (like requirements) are mentioned here:

Basically the "standalone" installation is "just" an unzip, setting the JAVA_HOME, and start hbase.
(see the above link for details)

You need to have Maven 2.x installed on your system

All JARs should be available from a listed repository, however there is ONE exception.
The HBASE JAR itself.

You need to install it with the following command, from your HBASE installation:

mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=org.apache.hadoop -DartifactId=hbase -Dversion=0.20.3 -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=/path/to/LOCATION_HBASE.jar

Yes, there are "newer" versions of HBase than the previously mentioned 0.20.3 - However, since the (used) DataNucleus has a dependency we need
this version... A (bad) hack could be to install the 0.20.6 (e.g.) as 0.20.3 => DON'T DO THIS :-)
(for testing/playing you should be fine.....)

=== STARTING ===

Once you a) configured/started Apache HBase and b) installed the mentioned hbase-JAR, you can lanch the project.

Simply go to your project root folder and type:

This starts up the Jetty container to launch a VERY simple JSF2 application to entry a SIMPLE entry and load them.
The code uses a (simple) JPA-DAO, where under the hood HBASE is used.

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