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A modern JavaEE application, based on JSF 2.0, CDI, JPA
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== Modern JavaEE Application ==

* Getting started:

(this will download all the required JARs and start the Jetty 8 container on localhost:9090)

About this demo:
The demo is a simple show case for modern JavaEE technology:
-CDI (Apache OpenWebBeans - Version 1.0.0)
-JPA2 (Apache OpenJPA - Version 2.0.x)
-JSF2 (Apache MyFaces - Version 2.0.x)

and a set of CDI extensions (Apache MyFaces CODI)!

In addition to that, the sample contains @lincolnthree's URL rewriting library "PrettyFaces".

Questions or suggestions?
Please ping me via my Apache email address (matzew @ ...)!

-Matthias Wessendorf
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