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Mail app for the Linux desktop
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Envoyer app

Envoyer intends to be the mail app for the Linux desktop of 2016. It is written in Vala using the MailCore 2 library as a backend and GTK+3 as a toolkit. It is designed to be used with elementary OS.

The application is currently in full development.

Review of other mail clients

  • Geary (or its brother, Pantheon Mail): while the UI was great, the performance and usability of the application as a daily driver is upsetting. I originally intended to work on Pantheon Mail and improve on these points but was turned away by the poor quality of the code. For example, the most important class of the application, GearyController, has over 2800 lines. There is severe overlap of concerns and plenty of undocumented assumptions, which make further development cumbersome. Envoyer intends to adhere to principled development.

  • Evolution: Envoyer was initially built to use Evolution's backend (Evolution Data Server/Camel), but it was quickly found to be clunky and limiting. GObject in C (Evolution) demands a lot of boilerplate code and it makes the overall development experience really difficult. Envoyer uses Vala, which makes it much more easy to write GObject code. Furthermore, Envoyer aims to have a much lighter and friendlier UI.

  • Thunderbird: just as Evolution, I think many use cases for which this application was built are no longer as important today.

  • Nylas N1: very good UI and UX, but it uses a third-party HTTPS API for mail communication. Built on the Electron framework, it cannot make use of native toolkit goodies like theming, icons or better performance.

How to setup

The repository includes Mailcore 2 and Basalt libraries as a git submodule. Therefore, you will need to pass --recursive to git when you clone Envoyer.

To build Envoyer, run the following commands:

mkdir build
cd build

By default, the Envoyer binary will instruct WebKitGTK+ to look for web extension libraries under ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib/com.github.matzipan.envoyer/. If Envoyer is not installed on your system or you want to test changes to the web extensions, you can use the WEBKIT_EXTENSION_DIRECTORY environment variable.

Folder structure

  • src/FutureGranite - modules that are intended to be merged into libgranite when finished
  • src/WebExtensions - implementation of webkit2gtk-web-extension-4.0 as exemplified here
  • src/Widgets - view folder, almost always backed by some models. Never accesses backend libraries, such as mailcore, directly.


Copyright 2011-2016 Andrei-Costin Zisu.

This software is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (version 2.1 or later). See the COPYING file in this distribution.

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