a (very) simple instruction to install known on an uberspace account
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a (very) simple instruction to install known on an uberspace account

What is "known"? It's a blogging software.

I assume you have an account for uberspace and know how to log in to you account with an ssh client. (If not, that is really easy!)

First, some optional steps when you are using a (sub-)domain.

  • log into your uberspace shell

  • add the new domain to your uberspace account do

  • uberspace-add-domain -d [domainname] -w (here is some documentation in german)

  • log into your domain registrar and add these subdomains with the IP address into your zone file

  • activate zone file

    (these two steps vary wildly in detail, depending on your domain registrar)

The installation itself:

  • log into your uberspace shell

  • cd /var/www/virtual/[username]/

  • wget https://github.com/idno/Known/archive/v0.9.0.4.zip (go to github to get the latest release link)

  • unzip v0.9.0.4.zip

  • mv Known- [domainname] (or copy everything into your html folder if you use no seperate domain)

  • log into your adminer interface

  • create a new database called [username]_[dbname]

  • wait until subdomains comes alive

  • browse to [domainname] or [username].[servername].uberspace.de

  • press button 'Let's get started' & 'Hooray! Let's get you set up.'

  • name your site

  • MySQL settings:

    • database name: [username]_[dbname]
    • username: [username]
    • password: [look up in .my.cnf in your user home in your uberspace shell]
    • server name: localhost
  • upload dir (leave default): /var/www/virtual/[username]/[domainname]/Uploads/

  • press button: 'Onwards!'

  • input the information for your new account

  • input the information for your profile

Congratulations. Your have a running known website.

please send pull request if you have enhancements.

also on (http://known.matthias.welling.io/2016/how-to-install-known-in-your-uberspace)