A plugin-based Matrix bot system.
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A plugin-based Matrix bot system written in Python.


Management API spec


Matrix room: #maubot:maunium.net


  • jesaribot - A simple bot that replies with an image when you say "jesari".
  • sed - A bot to do sed-like replacements.
  • factorial - A bot to calculate unexpected factorials.
  • media - A bot that replies with the MXC URI of images you send it.
  • dice - A combined dice rolling and calculator bot.
  • karma - A user karma tracker bot.
  • xkcd - A bot to view xkcd comics.
  • echo - A bot that echoes pings and other stuff.
  • rss - A bot that posts RSS feed updates to Matrix.


  • dictionary - A bot to get the dictionary definitions of words.
  • poll - A simple poll bot.
  • reminder - A bot to ping you about something after a certain amount of time.
  • github - A GitHub client and webhook receiver bot.
  • wolfram - A Wolfram Alpha bot
  • gitlab - A GitLab client and webhook receiver bot.