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Setup with Docker

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  • Docker


Docker images are hosted on

  1. Create a directory (mkdir maubot) and enter it (cd maubot).
  2. Pull the docker image with docker pull<version>. Replace <version> with the version you want to run (e.g. latest)
  3. Run the container for the first time, so it can create a config file for you:
    docker run --rm -v `pwd`:/data:z<version>
  4. Update the config to your liking.
  5. Run maubot:
    docker run --restart unless-stopped -p 29316:29316 -v `pwd`:/data:z<version>
  6. The management interface should now be available at http://localhost:29316/_matrix/maubot or whatever you configured.


  1. Pull the new version (setup step 1).
  2. Restart the container.

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