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In order to create a bot from a basic configuration, clone this repository. Cloning is only required to reuse some necessary configuration files. It is not necessary to clone the repository in order to install maubot. This can be done via pip install maubot. From now on we refer to the directory where this repository has been cloned to as maubot.

The new bot will have its own directory, which can be created anywhere on the local filesystem with mkdir <bot_dir> where <bot_dir> is a name of your choice.

Copy maubot/example-config.yaml to <bot_dir>.

Keep file example-config.yaml and copy it to <bot_dir>/config.yaml. At this point <bot_dir> will contain both example-config.yaml and config.yaml. In the same directory <bot_dir> create three directories that will be used by the bot later. Type

cd <bot_dir>

mkdir logs plugins trash

Before running the bot, edit config.yaml in all its sections. In particular in section plugin_directories make sure that the bot will use the directories created before (./trash and ./plugins).

Section server is self explanatory in its default. Make sure it looks like below

    # The IP and port to listen to.
    port: 29316

In any case, use the same port when you will point the browser later.

Section admins should be configured with the username and password that will login to the bot manager page. If username needs to login with password 1234, this section will look like below

    username: "1234"

At this point launch the bot manager. From directory <bot_dir> launch

python -m maubot


Point the browser to http://localhost:29316/_matrix/maubot/#/login. After login, continue with

  • adding a plugin,
  • adding a client
  • and finally add an instance of a bot

Adding a plugin

To add a plugin, upload a zip file containing the maubot.yaml and relevant files at the top level. Github releases of plugins have those premade (see i.e. - file casavant.tom.poll-v1.0.0.mbp) - has a CI that makes those. Also, mbc build will make those with the relevant files.

Adding a client

Once you added at least one plugin, you need to create a client too. To create the client and obtain the access token for the client, you need to use the mbc binary:

  • log into the maubot server first with: mbc login (to login use account specified in maubot's config.yaml)
  • register a new account for the bot on your HS with: mbc auth --register
  • copy the Access token into the administration web interface

The binary interface will look something like this:

NOTE: mbc auth requires you to have the server in the maubot config registration secret section

Adding a (bot) instance

Finally, in the instance view, create an instance. Choose a client and a plugin via the screen like the one below:

maubot wiki



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