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A curated list of awesome JupyterLab extensions and resources
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Awesome JupyterLabAwesome

A curated list of awesome JupyterLab extensions and resources.

Inspired by awesome-python.


  • LaTeX - An extension for JupyterLab which allows for live-editing of LaTeX documents.
  • DrawIO - An extension to draw diagrams in JupyterLab.
  • Table of Contents - Generates a table of content for your notebook and markdown documents.
  • Go to definition - Allows you to Alt + click on a variable to jump to its definition.
  • Code Formatter - Easily beautifies Python code inside JupyterLab using one of the formatters: Black/YAPF/AutoPEP8.

User Access

  • JupyterHub - This adds a "Hub" menu to JupyterLab that allows a user to log out of JupyterHub or access their JupyterHub control panel.

Version Control

  • Git - Git extension (currently in alpha)
  • GitHub - GitHub extension
  • neptune-notebooks - An extension that lets you version, diff, and share your JupyterLab and Jupyter notebooks on


  • Bokeh - An extension rendering Bokeh content
  • ipywidgets - Interactive widgets for the Jupyter Notebook
  • fasta,geojson,katex,plotly,vega2 - Multiple package repo that consists of generic renderers for common file types and mime types as well as renderer extensions for JupyterLab.
  • voyager - A JupyterLab MIME renderer extension to view CSV and JSON data in Voyager 2.
  • Dash - An extension for rendering Plotly Dash apps as a separate window.
  • ipysheet - Interactive spreadsheet in JupyterLab.



  • jupyterlab_discovery - A JupyterLab extension to facilitate the discovery and installation of other extensions
  • lantern - Data exploration kit
  • ML Workspace - All-in-one web IDE for machine learning and data science. Combines Jupyterlab, VS Code, Tensorflow, and many other tools/libraries into one Docker image.
  • scriptedforms - Quickly create live-update GUIs for Python packages using Markdown and simple HTML elements.




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