Hawaii 0.2.0

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This is Hawaii feature plan and notes about this release.

Hawaii 0.2.0 is the first stable release.

The plan is to release a desktop with the most important features available so that people can start using it. More features such as power management will be available later.

This release requires Qt 5.2 from git and the qtwayland (stable branch). Patches on top of qtwayland are not required anymore.




  • Launcher
  • AppChooser
  • Panel
  • Multi-screen fixes for shell windows
  • Notification bubbles
  • Click through notifications
  • PolicyKit agent
  • Lock screen without password request
  • Settings with changes notifications
  • Weston plugin written in C++ with Exposé-like effect and windows animations
  • Load standard theme from disk
  • Custom themes support
  • Bug fixes

To do:

  • Animated backgrounds

System Preferences


  • Background preflet with the ability to select system wallpapers and colors.
  • Desktop preflet with Launcher settings

To do:

  • Network preflet

Icon themes


  • Update symbolic icons

Widget styles


  • Initial "Aluminum" style for QtQuick Controls
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