How to translate

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The Qt5LinguistTools is required because it has some handy macros, see here for more information.

You can check for this package with code like this from the main CMakeLists.txt file:

find_package(Qt5 5.2 REQUIRED COMPONENTS LinguistTools)

Of course this instruction can include more components.

Add the REFRESH_TRANSLATIONS option to the main CMakeLists.txt. Make sure you declare the option after the FeatureSummary file is included:

# Refresh translations at build time
option(REFRESH_TRANSLATIONS "Refresh translations at build time" OFF)
add_feature_info(RefreshTranslations REFRESH_TRANSLATIONS "Refresh translations at build time.")

Now create, from the source code root, a translations directory:

mkdir translations

with a structure quite similar to the src subdirectory

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