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a terminfo parsing library
C Perl Makefile
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replace 'install -d' by 'mkdir -p' (github PR 7)

"make install currently fails if the target directory already exists but
the user only has group write access to the install directory, because
install tries to remove group write permissions from the install
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@mauke authored


Unibilium is a very basic terminfo library. It doesn't depend on curses or any
other library. It also doesn't use global variables, so it should be

Basic documentation is in the doc/ directory.

To use it, compile unibilium.c, uninames.c, and uniutil.c into a library.
Include "unibilium.h" in your code.

Alternatively use the provided Makefile:
    make PREFIX=/usr/local && make install PREFIX=/usr/local

Other variables that can be set on the command line include CFLAGS
(C compiler options) and DESTDIR (build for installation into $PREFIX
but copy the built files into $DESTDIR/$PREFIX instead).

See the LICENSE file for licensing information.
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