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unibi_get_ext_bool_name, unibi_set_ext_bool_name, unibi_get_ext_num_name, unibi_set_ext_num_name, unibi_get_ext_str_name, unibi_set_ext_str_name - access the names of extended capabilities of a terminal object

 #include <unibilium.h>

 const char *unibi_get_ext_bool_name(const unibi_term *ut, size_t i);
 const char *unibi_get_ext_num_name(const unibi_term *ut, size_t i);
 const char *unibi_get_ext_str_name(const unibi_term *ut, size_t i);
 void unibi_set_ext_bool_name(unibi_term *ut, size_t i, const char *s);
 void unibi_set_ext_num_name(unibi_term *ut, size_t i, const char *s);
 void unibi_set_ext_str_name(unibi_term *ut, size_t i, const char *s);

Get/set the names of extended boolean, numeric, and string capabilities. i is the index of the extended capability to act on; it must be less than unibi_count_ext_bool(ut), unibi_count_ext_num(ut), or unibi_count_ext_str(ut), respectively.

Note that unibi_set_ext_bool_name/unibi_set_ext_num_name/unibi_set_ext_str_name simply store the pointer they are given; they will not free s or make a copy of the string.


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