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AHK classes that implement COM interfaces

branch: UIAutomation

COM Classes Framework (CCF)


This framework collects AHK v2 / AHK_L v1.1 classes that implement System COM interfaces in a standardized way, which enables you to use a lot more of the power in COM and improve your scripts. It also gives you a lot of helper classes to make your code easy as well to write as to understand, and to give it a clean look. Those classes almost always take the need to do stuff in memory, you get a simple and straight way to handle those things with objects.


Every AHK scripter is welcome to fork & contribute, but please use the standardized format described in the wiki. Add the stuff you needed or are interested in, share commonly used interfaces others can use, and have fun with coding amazing stuff.


For a list of available interface classes see the wiki. You can also just browse around for things you're interested in.

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