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Welcome to the COM-Classes wiki! The COM classes project is intended to collect AutoHotkey v2 classes that implement COM interfaces in a standardized way.

##How to use: To use them just go to Source and navigate to the class you're looking for. Or download the always up-to-date full package that contains all classes. Once downloaded, you can include the classes you need and use them!


instance := new Interface ; to create a new com instance
instance := new Interface(ptr) ; to get a class instance matching an existing com instance whose pointer is stored in ptr

##How to participate: Do you know AutoHotkey? Would you like to participate? GREAT! If you have a GitHub account, just fork the project and contribute. You don't have an account? No problem, just post in the AutoHotkey forum thread or send me a PM. For more information on the standadized coding style see the specification.